Our energy vibration
That we´re all energy, will not be a surprise theory for most of you. You can find a lot of scientific researches in the Internet that offer the most recent developments of this ´energetic thinking´.
But on this part of the site we don’t want to share scientific visions. We want to share our vision. And thanks to gripping conversations with HENRY, our total picture becomes more clearer by the minute.

Henry describes us as a part of an energy spiral. In this spiral the energy is divided in many different vibrations in which – roughly – a certain part of the ´midsection vibrations´ and ´lower vibrations´ manifest itself on earth.
A very low vibration will manifest as a rock, for instance, and a little higher vibration could manifest itself as a tree and so on.

We, as human beings, are somewhere in the midsection of energy vibrations. De higher vibrations can only vibrate on this level, because they don´t have to maintain themselves on earth and eventually the highest vibration – let´s place them the top of the spiral – has never been manifested on earth.
Henry is a vibration like that.

It is our personal truth that we all have a natural desire to raise our energy vibration. That’s growth. That’s evolution. And not only individually, but also collectively. On earth as well as in the whole Universe it’s – in our perception – all about one thing: raising the energy vibration.

In principal you could compare us – as human being – with a diver. To function on earth, we need heavy energy. So we´re packed with things like fear, lack of self-esteem, revenge, hate and so on. And because these qualities are not considered to be very ´socially correct´, they are ignored and denied as much as possible, which makes it even more heavier.

To raise the energy vibrations, we need to face the content of our ´baggage´ and accept them as parts of who we really are. Discover the message this content offers you. What it wants to tell us about who we are.
And that’s how we keep ourselves busy on this site. Becoming aware of all of our aspects - and not just the aspects that everybody likes and find acceptable – so we can start to see ourselves in our total glory and discover that our emotions have no judgement or value. That’s what we make of it.

Another nice bonus in this whole vibration business is this: when we are part of an energy-spiral and this spiral holds many more manifestations on earth…it can be possible you will meet those manifestations, right?
Right. And that happens more than you think. And perhaps in a different way than you think.

If you – just like us – believe that everything is taking place NOW, than it’s impossible there’s something like ‘previous lifes’, because that suggests that there was a life BEFORE this one and how can that be if it’s happening NOW…

Dilemma or opportunity? Because imagine that it’s possible that other vibrations in our energy-spiral are on earth…in another dimension? Another ‘time’? By connecting your energy to another vibration in your spiral, you could connect with a part of you in the Middle Ages. Basically it means you can travel through time!

Isn’t that a fascinating thought?