Exchanging energy?

Exchanging energy creates miracles!

We put a lot of energy into sharing our experiences and insights. Completely voluntarily and especially without any obligations. May you – just as voluntarily and without obligations – feel the need to put some energy in us, we’ll welcome that with open arms.
We list some possibilities, but if you found your own special way, please let us know!

1. As you may have read in the article about MONEY, we consider money to be a reflection of energy. Keeping a website ‘in the air’ takes a lot of money. Do you want to contribute your mite, please send us an email and we'll send you our account number.

2. Telling others about us is very valuable to us! Bringing us to the attention of others is therefore highly appreciated.

3. Shopping in our webshop or requests for a consultation is also considered an act of loyalty and joining energy.

Thank you for sharing your energy with us!