Old and new energy?

You’ve probably came across these terms regularly: old energy and new energy. But what does it actually means?

Universally speaking there’s no such thing as old or new energy. Because energy is energy. The value – the judgement – that we put on these terms is OUR choice. And that’s exactly the essence of this story, because we use these terms ‘old’ and ‘new’ to explain what patterns are based on growth and what patterns are limiting.

The distinction between ‘old’ and ‘new’ is also used to separate ‘the world as it was’ and ‘the world as it’s now evolving’.
In our perception the whole Universe is all about one thing: evolution. In other words, we all have a natural urge to grow. Not only as a human being, but as an earth and Universal. A natural and often unconscious impulse to raise our energy vibration. Individually and collectively.

So basically you could see ‘old energy’ as the patterns that limit us in that raising of vibration en ‘new energy’ as patterns that stimulate that growth.
We want to underline with great emphasis that ‘old energy’ is NOT about wrong, faulty, undesirable patterns. Old energy is not WORSE than new energy.
Although we have a tendency to concentrate on our new energy patterns – because those are more ‘spiritual correct’ - the old energy patterns show us who we really are too! And as long as we judge, condemn or systematically ignore our limiting patterns, they will only grow stronger.

It’s all about awareness. To discover where you get stuck and what you can activate to breach those limiting patterns. Embrace the total picture. Every piece of you that pops up, make you the unique Source of Light that you are!

And turn this awareness into a game! Please, don’t make and take it too serious! It’s a explorative expedition, not a prison camp!
Just take an hour on a random day and look consciously to your thoughts and actions during that hour. And decide honestly – but without judgement or disapproval – if you can recognize old energy patterns.

How you can do that?

We list a few differences for you:

Old energy

New energy
Holding on Letting go
Hiding Being the centre of your life
Seeing the world as you think it should be Seeing the world as it really is
Fear Trust
Pulling the strings (or wanting to) Surrender
‘This happened to me’ This is what I created
‘I never get a break’ What am I’m sending out to receive this?
Feeling left out We are all mirroring each other
How can you do/think something like that? Everybody has a right to his/her own truth
‘Different’ is better or worse Different is just different
Feeling inferior or superior We are all part of the whole and every part is equally important
etc. etc.