Welcome on your building site called LIFE!

On this website we'd like to share our personal building blocks and how we're constructing our lives. To inspire and motivate our Selves to keep on building and perhaps to inspire en motivate you.

On this page we offer you a floor plan of the site, so you can find your way a little easier. The website is under construction, so the list will grow longer by time - we hope:-)


This inspiration and motivation is found in our SELFBUILDERS.
By clicking on the photograph on the homepage, a Selfbuilder will appear - completely random and automatic - and we believe this will be a message that wants your attention.

No, you don't have to believe that too. If the message doesn't fit you, you just leave it. It's as simple as that.
Do you like them? In our Merchandise section we offer them as photo's!

Building Blocks


As you may have noticed, we arranged the website around the 'building your life' theme.
During our lives we've collected several building blocks and we share them HERE.

And, of course, the building still continues and we keep finding new blocks. So on a regular basis you will find new building material in this part of the website.


If you find your personal construction work very difficult and you wonder if the building you're working on is solid and safe, it maybe helpful to get some advise of an architect.
HENRY can play that role with flair. This Collective of Higher Energy Vibriations can show you how everything you're thinking, feeling en doing is connected.
He will not tell you how to build or what to build, but he will inspire and motivate you to create someting YOU want!


During a night in April 2005 a new form of awareness was born: Pasting.
How this treatement works and what it does, is quite a story that we put on a seperate website.
It has become an important part of our structure, so we hope you'll enjoy our


Energy supply

During our own building process we came and come across some fascinating views on energy in general and energy vibrations in particular. In association with Henry we learn more and more about this subject and of course, we like to share our findings with you. You can read them in the section we've called: Energy supply.

Building grant


Do you need a hand with contructing your life? This is the place you can grant a request for help.
We offer a few consultations and a coaching to help you with specific 'building problems' or help you discover what process you're in and what role you play in it, so you can understand current situations better
. So check out the Building grant for more information.


When you're building, chan
ces are you'll discover or create something new all the time. To keep you informed of our lastest findings, we've created a section and named it...yep, you guessed it...NEWS. Brilliant, isn't it?

Notice Board

And if you have some news of your own you'd like to share, or you want us
to know how you feel about this website, you can turn to the Notice Board.

And unfortunately some people think the whole world is looking for naked pictures
of who-ever and put links to them in open boards, so to avoid spam like that, we
ask you to send a mail if you want to use our Notice Board for a message that
does belong on a website like this. Such a rigmarole, yes we know, but we hope
you will take the time to drop us a line!


And who is that 'we' we are talking about? You can get to know us a little better if you visit the CONTACT page we've created. You can find our company address there too.


It will not come as a huge surprise that the section AGENDA shows our activitities.

Power House

Our POWER HOUSE is a lot less obvious, so let us explain. We love to share our messages in different ways and Power Point Presentations in one of those ways. And that's what you can find in the Power House. We're working on more presentations, so keep checking in!

We wish you lots a fun constructing your life !