Our 'Building site' is an ongoing process filled with finding building blocks and choosing new ways to create our own life. Therefore this site will never be 'finished'.
We will continue discovering and sharing.
The most recent additives will be placed her.


March 11:
There! We've completed the foundation of Selfbuilding.eu! The English version of our Dutch 'mothership' Handreiking.com (translated: helping hands) is solid and we're proud! We wish you a pleasant time here and if you find any linguistic blunders, please don't hesitate to let us know! English is not our native language and we're always eager to learn! Thanks for your visit!

March 10:
The Energy Supply section is now open for business and the Building Grant is also available!
We save the best for last...we will uncover our mechandise in a short while!

March 6:
The Architect section is finished and we also hang up a Notice Board, if you want to leave a message. Our Agenda is installed too and in the Contact section you'll find some information about the 'we' we keep talking about.
We also opened up the Power House, with four Power Point Presentations. Yep, we're getting there!

March 5:
We've been busy on the site today! We started opening up the Architect section, so you can meet Henry. We also worked on the Floor Plan and this news page.
It is a lot of work, so please bear with us! We do have our eye on this job!

Februari 18:
This year starts with a few exciting creations. The (Dutch) spiritual novel 'Wandering Spirits' gone through into its fourth edition in January and the (sorry, also Dutch) docu-book 'My Turning Point' came out today!

We are also working hard on the Henry booklets! And yes, THAT one will be in English! We created a website to show you what's coming!

Please check out www.henrysvision.com.